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Lime nitrogen manufacturers tell about the diagnosis technology of vegetable diseases and insect pests (2)
Edit:Ningxia Runshengfu Chemical Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2019-05-06

The previous lime nitrogen manufacturer shared the diagnosis technology of vegetable pests and diseases (top). Today we will continue to talk about the diagnosis techniques of vegetable pests and diseases (below), that is, after: "look", "question", "break" .


Observe the plants at close range, see where the symptoms appear, what characteristics they have, and determine the type of pests and diseases.

Root: Unplug the plant and see if the root has roots, rot, or trauma.

Stem base: To see if the base of the stem is contracted, rotted or traumatized, cut the base of the stem and observe whether the vascular bundle turns brown or has pus.

Stem: Whether there is necrosis or trauma.

Leaf: Look at the leaves for signs of discoloration, necrosis, wilting, rot, deformity, etc.

Fruit: Check if the fruit is poorly colored, necrotic, rotten, deformed, etc.



Ask the owner of the crop, what crop is the captain, what fertilizer is used, whether the disease has occurred, how many times the medicine has been taken, when was the last time the medicine was used, and what medicine was used.


Through the above three steps, the prevention and treatment method is given. Formulate according to the type of disease, and eliminate the cause (adjust temperature, humidity, pH, etc.).

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