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The main component of granular calcium carbide is calcium carbide
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  Granular calcium carbideThe main ingredient is calcium carbide.

Industrial law:

In industry, electric furnace smelting method and oxygen heat method are generally used, and the smelting method of electric furnace is to place coke and calcium oxide (molecular CaO) in the electric furnace of about 2,200 ℃, and to generate calcium carbide (molecular CaC2).

Oxygen Thermal Method: That is: blast furnace oxygen-enriched oxygen smelting CaC2 (calcium carbide), limestone extraction of carbon, high-temperature low-pressure gas generator. This furnace three use technology, so that the production of CaC2 comprehensive utilization of the coal gasification process of waste heat and soot, coal ash plus ingredients melted after the formation of CaC2 and ferrosilicon (purification CaC2);

"High temperature and low pressure" gas generator, so that the production of gas (hair) is natural. Each smelting of a ton of 80% CaC2, extracted from limestone about 168kg of pure carbon, resulting in gas (Co in 55%-95%) 6000-2600 M3, can produce about 4.5 tons of methanol.

Oxygen-rich not only improve the furnace temperature but also improve the co quality of gas, oxygen is particularly dual-use, coal thermal energy after the use of gas, used in coal chemical or clean power generation. This process is non-expendable energy type and pollution-free CaC2 production and gas production.

Use of granular calcium carbide:

1, calcium carbide and water reaction produced by acetylene can synthesize many organic compounds, such as: synthetic rubber, artificial resin, acetone, ketone, carbon black, etc., at the same time acetylene one oxygen flame is widely used in metal welding and cutting.

2, heating powdery calcium carbide and nitrogen, the reaction to the formation of calcium cyanamide, that is, lime nitrogen, heating lime nitrogen and salt reaction generated by cyanide melt with Utzekin and non-ferrous metal industry.

3, calcium carbide itself can be used in the iron and steel industry desulfurization agent.

Extended information:

Calcium carbide, the main components of calcium carbide, are inorganic compounds, white crystals, industrial products for gray-black lumps, the section is purple or gray. There is an immediate and intense reaction in the water, which produces acetylene and emits heat. Calcium carbide is an important basic chemical raw material, mainly used to produce acetylene gas. Also used in organic synthesis, oxygen-acetylene welding and so on.


1, Calcium carbide drying will not burn, in the event of water or moisture can quickly produce highly flammable acetylene gas, in the air to reach a certain concentration, there will be explosions and other disasters. Calcium carbide and acid substances can react violently.

2, calcium carbide easy to damage the skin, causing skin itching, inflammation, skin burns and so on.

3, calcium carbide must be stored in a cool, dry, well-ventilated warehouse. Must be sealed, do not be damp. And with acids, alcohols and other separate storage.

October 27, 2017, the World Health Organization International Agency for Research on Cancer published a list of carcinogens preliminary collation reference, calcium carbide production in the list of 3 types of carcinogens.