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Market analysis and price trend of dicyanamide in China in the October
Edit:Ningxia Runshengfu Chemical Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2019-02-22

October DomesticDicyanamideMarket analysis and price trend

As we all know, calcium carbide is the main raw material for the production of dicyanamide, calcium carbide market on the price of dicyanamide has a greater impact. National day ended into Silver October, the current domestic Dicyanamide main production area of Ningxia calcium carbide quotation 3000-3300 yuan/ton, than last month's 2850-3150 yuan/ton about 4%, calcium carbide prices from mid-August this year has risen by nearly 7% (see photo), This is also the recent wave of Dicyanamide rose the main driving force. At the same time, with the end of environmental protection rectification of enterprises all over South China, the amount of dicyanamide began to rise sharply, and the cyanamide production area is about to enter the annual heating production restrictions period, according to the time is likely to appear supply tension, but the price of dicyanamide has been in an all-important high, downstream market digestion capacity is limited Therefore, he predicts that the price of dicyanamide in October will continue to rise slightly in the current high situation, the price increase is expected to be around 2-5%, to the end of October out of the warehouse price is expected to be up to 17300-17500 yuan/ton or so, it is recommended that customers in need can do some inventory in advance

Detection method and standard of industrial dicyanamide--hg/t 3264-1999

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