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Ningxia Thiourea Plant tells you what is the use of thiourea in industry?
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NingxiaThiourea PlantTell you what is the use of thiourea in industry?

Name: Thiourea alias: sulfur-substituting urea

Molecular formula: (NH2) 2CS

Molecular Weight: 76.12

Performance Features: white glossy crystallization, bitter taste, combustible, relative density 1.406. Melting Point 170-172 ℃. Soluble in water and ethanol, easily soluble in hot water, insoluble in ether.

Usage: It is used in medicine as an intermediate in the production of drugs. Used as a vulcanization inhibitor in the rubber industry. Mining is used as a flotation agent, but also as a fabric, paper treatment agent, printing and dyeing auxiliaries, petrochemical additives. In metallurgy, electroplating, pesticides and other industries also have applications.

Thiourea taste bitter, soluble in water and alcohol. After melting, the part can be divided into isomerization to form ammonium thiocyanate. Easily with metal salts to form additive compounds. Soluble in 11 parts of cold water, ethanol and ammonium thiocyanate solution, slightly soluble in ether. The solution is neutral. Moderate toxicity, half of the death (rat, warp mouth) 125mg/kg. There is a carcinogenic possibility. Used as a reducing agent. Sedimentation agent for lead, thallium and cadmium. Calibration and determination of bismuth, hunger, ruthenium, selenium, lead, tellurium, palladium and Selenite. Organic synthesis, preparation of thiol from halogenated.

Thiourea is used to synthesize raw materials for drugs such as sulfathiazole, methionine and fat pig tablets. Used as raw material for dyes and dyeing auxiliaries, resins and plastic powders. It can also be used as a vulcanization inhibitor for rubber, as a flotation agent for metal minerals, as a catalyst for phthalic anhydride and aristolochic acid, and as a metal anti-rust agent. In photographic materials, it can be used as a developer and toner. It can also be used in the electroplating industry. Thiourea is also used in many aspects such as Diazo photosensitive paper, synthetic resin coating, anion exchange resin, germination inhibitor, fungicide and so on. Thiourea is also used as fertilizer. Used in organic synthesis, also used as medicine, rubber additives, gold-plated materials and so on. Used in the pharmaceutical industry for the manufacture of sulfathiazole, methionine, pyrrole acid and anti-thyroid drugs.