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Buy activated carbon to choose activated carbon professional manufacturers
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Buy activated carbon to chooseActivated Carbon professional Manufacturers

Every year China's industrial sewage and exhaust gas emissions are very large, if not to control direct emissions, do not imagine how bad the environment will become, purification of waste water, waste gas materials have a lot, activated carbon is one of them, but to buy activated carbon or to choose a professional activated carbon manufacturers.

Professional activated carbon manufacturers to produce activated carbon, quality can be guaranteed, will not appear inferior phenomenon, activated carbon surface area is huge, has a high chemical adsorption and physical adsorption function, and has high efficiency, good effect and so on.

The porous structure of activated carbon provides it with a large surface area, can fully contact with gas (impurities), highly developed pore structure, thus giving the activated carbon unique adsorption performance, making it very easy to absorb the purpose of collecting impurities.

Like magnetism, all molecules have mutual gravitational pull. Because of this, a large number of molecules on the wall of activated carbon holes can produce a strong gravitational pull, thus achieving the purpose of attracting harmful impurities into the aperture.

The adsorption performance index of activated carbon produced by activated carbon manufacturers is mainly methylene blue adsorption value, iodine adsorption value and phenol adsorption value (or phenol value). The methylene blue adsorption value, iodine adsorption value and phenol adsorption value of activated carbon are high, then the specific surface area and pore volume of the activated carbon are large, and its pore structure is reasonable, and the effect of using this activated carbon to treat wastewater and exhaust gas is good.

Features: Wood columnar activated carbon using high-quality wood chips, coconut shells and other raw materials, by crushing, mixing, extrusion, molding, drying, carbonization, activation and made.

Advanced: Because of the use of high-quality wood chips, coconut shell as raw materials, the cylindrical activated carbon made is lower than the traditional coal cylindrical carbon ash, less impurities, gas phase adsorption value, CTC dominant. Product aperture distribution is reasonable, to achieve adsorption and desorption, thus greatly improving the service life of the product (an average of 2-3 years), is 1.4 times times the ordinary coal carbon.

Originality: Wooden columnar activated carbon uses non-bonded molding activated carbon proprietary technology. Change the traditional use of coal tar, starch and other traditional binder molding method. Does not contain binder components, completely rely on the affinity between carbon molecules and the special properties of the raw materials themselves. Scientific formula, made from, effectively avoid the blockage of carbon holes, give full play to enrich the adsorption function of developed carbon holes.