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Characteristics and characteristics of ultra-fine dicyanamide
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  Ultra-Fine DicyanamideCharacteristics and characteristics of

Ultrafine dicyanamide character: Also known as micro-powder dicyanamide, particle size is ultra-fine, easy to disperse in epoxy resin to form a stable dispersion system. Suitable for all epoxy resin systems, non-toxic, in the appropriate epoxy resin formulation system, 25 ℃ of the applicable period (shelf life) up to six months. Using a curing temperature of 180 ℃ alone, add the appropriate propellant and the curing temperature can be reduced to 100 ℃.

Ultrafine dicyanamide use: Mainly used as a single component adhesive, such as: Epoxy solid adhesive, single-component epoxy resin adhesives such as automotive glue, electronic glue (patch glue, bonding glue), electromagnetic glue, etc. Powder coating industry, such as: Epoxy/polyester powder, high-grade pure epoxy powder, anticorrosive powder, fine art powder, casting materials, wrinkles and fine sand powder, etc., composite carbon fiber pre-feed, such as: golf clubs, fish poles, wind turbine impellers, propellers, tennis clubs and sports equipment; also commonly used in hot curing ink wet, The key raw materials for the manufacture of epoxy laminates, carbon fibers and other composites. It is recommended to use 100 parts of epoxy resin paired with 4-12 parts of the product.

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