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What exactly is the strontium carbonate mine?
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  Strontium CarbonateOre is a carbonate mineral, which is a literary and stone mineral. Its crystals are needle-like, and the crystal aggregates are generally granular, columnar, and radioactive needles. Colorless and white, green yellow tone, transparent to translucent, glass luster. Strontium carbonate ore can be soluble in dilute hydrochloric acid and foaming.

Structure & amp; morphology

Oblique crystal system, a0=0.5128nm,b0=0.8421nm,c0=0.6094 nm; Z=4. Inclined square double cone crystal, D2h-mmm (3L23PC). Crystals are rare, columnar or needle-shaped. Main single shape: parallel double-sided B, C, oblique square column m, K, I, oblique square double cone p, r and so on. According to (110) Cheng, the crystal has a false six square symmetrical shape. Generally dense granular, columnar or needle-shaped [1].


White, or stained with impurities into ash, yellow, green, or brown. Glass luster, fracture grease luster. Chine and so on, and not quite. Hardness 3.5~4. Sexually brittle. Relative density 3.6~3.8. A weak blue light is issued in the cathode rays.

Production & amp; combination

As a relatively rare mineral. It belongs to the genesis of medium and low temperature hydrothermal, which is veined in limestone or limestone, and is symbiotic with barium carbonate ore, barite, calcite, Tianqingshi, fluorite and sulfide.


Two during World War II, strontium compounds were widely used in the production of fireworks and flares; In the 230 's, strontium carbonate was used as a desulfurizer for steelmaking to remove harmful impurities such as sulfur and phosphorus, and in the 50 's, in electrolytic zinc production, zinc was purified with strontium carbonate, the purity of which can reach 99.99%; In the late 60, strontium carbonate was widely used Strontium titanate is used in computer memory, strontium chloride as rocket fuel; the function of strontium carbonate shielding X-rays was discovered in 1968 and applied to color television screen glass, and demand is increasing substantially, and strontium is constantly expanding its application in other fields. Since then, strontium carbonate and other strontium compounds (strontium salt) as important inorganic salt raw materials, people have been widely concerned and valued. According to the steady growth of strontium demand in the world and China's abundant strontium mineral resources and good prospect of strontium ore prospecting, strontium mineral resources can develop strontium mineral resources and their export-oriented mining economy and participate in international competition in addition to meeting their own needs in the process of China's national economic development. Therefore, strontium mineral resources are not only an important strategic mineral resource in the world, but also the status and role of China's national economy will be rising and becoming more and more important.