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Lime nitrogen manufacturers with cyanide products "old Fang Xin used" to specialize in soil disease
Edit:Ningxia Runshengfu Chemical Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2019-02-22

From October to 12, the fertilizer supply side reform research group walked into the major of Runyang chemical industry in NingxiaLime nitrogen Manufacturers, to witness its traditional use of cyanide products for industrial use, the transformation into a new agricultural products and soil conditioning repair agent innovation process and magic effect. Old Square, new use, Cyanamide products as a class of green "drug fertilizer" with a variety of efficacy, is expected to control China's increasingly serious "soil disease" in the process of making a splash.

According to reports, calcium cyanamide (commonly known as "lime nitrogen") is a kind of traditional nitrogen fertilizer produced from calcium carbide as raw material, has been more than more than 100 years of history. The development of lime nitrogen is enduring, because it is constantly found in new uses: such as the production of polymycin and nicotine insecticides, granular lime nitrogen as environmentally friendly fertilizers and pesticides are recognized; Dicyanamide is widely used as a nitrification inhibitor, cyanamide as a plant production regulator to obtain the application, two methyl metformin has become a diabetes special-effective drug ......

Lime Nitrogen as the Ministry of Agriculture has long advocated and recommended high-quality nitrogen fertilizer, is a non-registered fertilizer products, but because of its small production and use, with the long-term use of carbon ammonium and urea, as well as the existence of lime nitrogen itself higher prices, less convenient use and other constraints, lime nitrogen gradually became a forgotten variety.

But at present, with the large use of traditional fertilizers and pesticides to bring huge ecological environmental pressure, the development of high efficiency, low toxicity, slow release, no residue of new fertilizers, pesticides become the trend of the new situation, lime nitrogen "drug fertilizer" in the unity of the unique advantages of the industry has been re-recognized, ushered in the second spring of industrial development.

A large number of research and application practice shows that lime nitrogen not only has the efficiency of traditional nitrogen fertilizer, but also has general nitrogen fertilizer does not have the utility of compound fertilizer, such as containing calcium, silicon, manganese, iron, boron, molybdenum, sulfur, chlorine and so on a large number of trace, and has insecticidal, disease prevention, weed suppression of the efficacy It can effectively reduce the environmental pollution caused by the overuse of traditional fertilizers and pesticides, and can improve the improvement of soil, especially acidic soil, significantly improve the yield and quality of agricultural products, and improve the ability of green sustainable development of agriculture.

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