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Activated carbon professional manufacturers analyze the reasons for soil acidification
Edit:Ningxia Runshengfu Chemical Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2019-05-06

Fruit trees are used less or less every year, but they are not growing long, and there are more and more diseases such as manganese poisoning and viral diseases. In addition, the surface is red, the surface is whitish, the surface is sunny, but the moss is severe. What is the cause of soil acidification? Activated carbon professional manufacturers will answer you!

The cause of soil acidification

1. Long-term application of chemical fertilizers

Chemical fertilizers are used in successive years, especially in the excessive use of nitrogen fertilizer. On neutral or alkaline soils, acid fertilizer is applied alone. After the ammonium is absorbed, the remaining acid radicals combine with hydrogen ions in the soil to form acid, which leads to soil compaction and acidity enhancement. The soil structure was destroyed.

2. Soil organic matter is too low

Year after year, I am eager to save trouble, cheap, long-term accustomed to using chemical fertilizers, rather than using high-quality organic fertilizers, the degree of soil acidification.


3, blindly purchase the application of strong acid fertilizer

(1) The organic fertilizer produced by the MSG factory's waste material, the fertilizer can attract people to buy. The main reason is that the particles are smooth, uniform, fragrant and aromatic, containing nitrogen: 16% or more, organic matter, amino acid, high nitrogen content, after crop application Many people are feeling ignorant and feel that they have used good fertilizers. It is known that the degree of acidification of the soil has been seriously aggravated.

(2) Applying a chemical fertilizer containing a large amount of ammonium sulfate

Because the columnar fertilizer has a large water content, if the nitrogen fertilizer is made of urea as a raw material, the column will quickly absorb moisture and diffuse, and the column will become hard after being absorbed by ammonium sulfate, and will not be broken. “Urea” is a neutral fertilizer suitable for any soil. "Ammonium sulphate" is an acidic fertilizer that is only suitable for neutral or alkaline soils, so This type of fertilizer - the more soil the acid is used.

(3) Investigation by professional manufacturers of activated carbon found that individual farmers still use “superphosphate”. This product is a phosphate rock + sulfuric acid reaction. Acidic soil has a very adverse effect on crop growth and microbial activity, reducing fertilizer. The utilization rate (especially in the micro-fertilizer) reduces crop yields. And cause the leaching of alkaline calcium ions in the soil, the incidence of bitter acne is heavy, and the interpretation and release of manganese ions are also caused - manganese poisoning occurs seriously.