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Curing agent manufacturers talk about the problems and diseases that are prone to soil acidification
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Curing agent manufacturers talk about the problems and diseases that are prone to occur after soil acidification:

1, with more fertilizer, the fruit is small, the output is low.

Many orchards are small, have many diseases, and have low yields. Fruit farmers can blindly increase the amount of chemical fertilizers and cannot solve practical problems. According to experts' determination, the current utilization rate of fertilizer is less than one-fifth, that is, 5 kg of fertilizer is applied to the ground, and the fruit trees can absorb less than 1 kg. Others are wasted, that is, to solve the fruit. Small problems, only from the root of the problem, symptomatic treatment, can achieve the purpose of increasing production and income.

2, dead trees, dead branches, rotten roots, dead roots, disease resistance decreased.

From 2009 to 2010, Yantai North Fruit and Vegetable Company found that the pH value of almost all old orchards was generally low through the field investigation of the orchard in Jiaodong area in the past two years. The root rot was observed in the roots. Throughout the overall orchard, the tree is weak, the disease resistance is reduced, and the diseases of rot, dry rot, and ring rot are aggravated, and even individual dead trees or potentially large-scale destruction of the garden may occur. Without a strong and vigorous root system, you cannot absorb enough nutrients from the soil. Root rot roots occur in fruit trees. Even if fertilization is scientific, the dosage is sufficient, there is no root absorption, and sufficient supply of nutrients cannot be achieved. This is also the orchard of different plots, which is also the reason for the large difference in yield and quality between fertilization.


3. Soil acidification aggravates the occurrence of manganese poisoning.

When the apples sprout in the spring, some apple trees can not germinate, or they will wilted after germination; no new strips are formed, and small old trees are formed. One branch is fine before and after, and the middle is thick, like Kaschin-Beck disease;

Some twigs died inexplicably during the growing season. Some of the branches had effluent water, some trunks were uneven or diseased. After cutting the epidermis with a knife, many small black spots were found, and some fruit farmers were treated as ringworms. As a result, the treatment has not been effective over the years; some fruit trees have good roots, that is, the fruit is small and the coloration is poor. These phenomena are caused by manganese poisoning in the tree.