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How to use shengsheng carbonate in ceramics
Edit:Ningxia Runshengfu Chemical Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2019-05-20

Barium carbonate is a kind of ceramic light industry, which is used to consume high-color, high-activity high-temperature glaze, but not lead oxide. In the process of ancient ceramics building, in addition to the preservation effect, it is often added with strontium carbonate to improve the process function. Cesium carbonate is in high brightness and whiteness depending on its texture. How is strontium carbonate used in ceramics? Barium carbonate further increases the elongation of ceramic function and increases the deformation rate of ceramics. It is also possible to create special insulating ceramics, but strontium carbonate improves electrical resistance and insulation. Barium carbonate is easily discerned by cerium oxide and carbon dioxide at low temperatures, and carbon dioxide gas that has occurred is escaping before it is dissolved.

However, the residual oxide plus ceramic wear resistance and toughness are accurate red power. However, in the conservative ceramic manufacturing process, strontium carbonate is basically not used, and only special clay ceramics are used. The nominal pulling force of the glass can also be increased. In the glass light industry, strontium carbonate has lost its widespread use due to its low degree of differentiation. The viscosity of barium carbonate changes with the measurement, but the change is small.

Cesium carbonate is often used in some signal bombs, pyrotechnics, papermaking, electromagnets, etc. It is actually used as a raw material for lapis lazuli. Because most of my friends don't know much about strontium carbonate, many of my friends don't know that strontium carbonate can also be used in ceramics.

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