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Application of ultrafine dicyandiamide on adhesive
Edit:Ningxia Runshengfu Chemical Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2019-05-27

Ningxia Runshengfu Chemical Co., Ltd. is a kind of latent curing agent with excellent performance after high purity and modification treatment. Micronized dicyandiamide is white ultrafine powder; soluble in water and ethanol, micro Soluble in ether and benzene; stable when dry, non-flammable.

Ultrafine dicyandiamide (L-curing agent) is widely used in the adhesive industry: epoxy solid adhesive, one-component epoxy adhesive such as automotive adhesive, electromagnetic adhesive, electronic adhesive (sMD adhesive, bonding gel), etc. Material carbon fiber pre-feed: such as: wind turbine impeller, propeller, fishing rod, golf club, tennis pole and sports equipment; Powder coating industry: high-grade pure epoxy powder, epoxy/polyester powder, anti-corrosion powder, fine art powder, wrinkle and fine sand grain powder, casting material; used in wet manufacturing epoxy laminate, heat curing ink, carbon fiber The key raw materials for composite materials. If there is no accelerator present, the L-curing agent needs to be 160 Above °C, the ring-opening reaction of living hydrogen to epoxy is started, and N- is formed. Hydrocarbyl cyanide, in the presence of a promoter, the reaction temperature is shifted downward.


Therefore, the application of the ultrafine L-curing agent is an effective method for increasing the compatibility with the epoxy resin, lowering the temperature of the curing system, and increasing the curing speed.

The main products of Ningxia Runshengfu Chemical Co., Ltd. are: granular calcium carbide, calcium cyanamide, dicyandiamide, ultrafine dicyandiamide (L-curing agent), monocyanamide, thiourea, 2-methylimidazole, Processing, production and sales of more than 20 kinds of products such as barium salts, activated carbon, carbonizers and soil conditioners. The company looks forward to working with you in good faith, mutual benefit and create a better future.