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Ultra-fine dicyanamide (epoxy resin latent curing agent) product introduction
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  Ultra-Fine Dicyanamide(Epoxy resin latent curing agent) product introduction

English name: Ultra micronized dicyandiamide

Molecular formula: C2H4N4

Molecular Weight: 84.08

CAS no.:461-58-5

Packing: Net weight 15kg, 20kg carton or cardboard barrel

Inspection items

Items to be analyzed



Appearance appearance

White powder

Main content Purity: (%)


Moisture Moisture: (%)


Melting point melting points (℃)


Cumulative 98% particle size (d98) particle size (μm)

≤ 10.00 microns

Dispersion Agent anti-caking agent (%)

≤2.00 Product Description

Product Description

Ultra-Fine powdered dicyanamide (cyanide guanidine). It contains 2% anti-caking agents to prevent reunion and ease of use. It is used as a latent curing agent for epoxy resins.

Product applications

1, single-component epoxy resin Adhesives 2, Epoxy laminate 3, epoxy powder coating 4, Epoxy/polyester powder 5, carbon fiber composites, etc.

Product Storage

Storage period of 6-12 months, stored in a cool, dry, well-ventilated warehouse, pay attention to moisture-proof

Standard curing conditions


Product advantages

1, compared with the ordinary cyanamide has better blending solubility. 2, more easily evenly dispersed into the liquid resin. 3, added in epoxy resin, room temperature (°c) storage period of more than 6 months.