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50% Single cyanamide aqueous solution
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50% Single cyanamide aqueous solution

50%Single Cyanide AmineAqueous solution, a new plant growth regulator, is a new plant growth regulator developed and processed by Ningxia Runyang FU Chemical Co., Ltd., which has remarkable effect on various deciduous fruit trees.

Key Features

50% single cyanamide aqueous solution is a plant growth regulator, which can effectively stimulate the active substances in the plant, thus accelerating the formation of basic substances in the plant, ending plant dormancy, and planting plants with dormant habits in tropical, subtropical and northern regional facilities shed has special effect. It generally allows the plant to germinate 2-3 weeks in advance and mature 2-3 weeks in advance. So that the plant germination early Bud Qi, Bud Strong, improve the quality of fruit, no deformed fruit, increase the effect of significant.

Technical Application Range

Mainly applicable to fresh grapes, wine grapes, cherries, kiwi, apples, pears, peaches, apricots and other deciduous fruit.

Technical Application Method

The application method of drug dosage in crop control object preparation

Grape adjustable growth 20-50 times Liquid Spray

Cherry adjustable growth 60-70 times Liquid Spray

1. Dilute the liquid preparation into the required double liquid, with accurate check of the spray, so that the spray evenly, so that the crop is fully covered, pay attention to the full coverage of all buds.

2. Spraying once in the first 30-45 days of natural germination.

3. Under tropical conditions, it is applied immediately after pruning.

4. Facility grapes can be applied within 1-2 days of the heating of the buckle shed.

5. Single Cyanamide products cannot be applied in combination with other pesticides.

The "50% single cyanamide aqueous solution" according to the plant growth cycle, with the appropriate concentration required, stir evenly, spray with a calibrated sprayer, can also be applied with a skimmed cotton or brush, the method must fully cover the main stem of the plant, branches, buds, to the fog point just condensed in the plant is not easy to drip is better. Do "branches sprayed, bud buds see medicine."

Application time

The application time of "Rong Sprout" mainly depends on the agricultural climatic conditions, the plant growth stage cycle, breaks the dormancy, and promotes the early germination.

To induce early germination:

1) Under subtropical conditions, the crops are usually administered 30-45 days before the natural germination of the dormant branches.

2) in tropical conditions, use immediately after pruning.

3) Facilities shed crops, such as grapes and cherries, can be used 4-6 weeks before normal germination or 1-2 days after the buckle shed heats up.

Application effect

After years of experiments in all parts of the country showed that the grape can increase production by about 15%, cherry yield increased by more than 20%, kiwi and peach, apples, strawberries and other significant increase in production, so that products listed in advance for 14-16 days.

1) Break hibernation and germinate early

2) Increase the number of twigs and differentiate more buds.

3) to make the old branches strong

4) helps control fruit shedding

5) Make the fruit granularity evenly mature, pure color, improve fruit quality, early listing, improve commodity rate.


1. Maximum application per quarter.

2. This product has a stimulating effect on the eyes and skin, inhalation will damage the respiratory system. Wear protective clothing, eye shields and gloves when using, and be careful not to make direct contact with the skin.

3. Do not eat, drink and smoke while in use, alcohol or alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited for 24 hours before and after operation.

4. After operation with water wash eyes, mouthwash, and soap carefully clear wash face, hand and other easy to expose parts, cleaning protective supplies.

5. Drifting droplets can cause serious damage to other plants and avoid sprinkling on adjacent crops when used.

6. In areas with late frost, care should be taken to avoid late frost.

7. This product is toxic to bees, around the honey crops flowering, red eye bee and other natural enemy release areas are banned.

8. Used packaging waste or used containers cannot be misplaced or used for other purposes and should be properly handled to avoid contamination of lakes, rivers, ponds or streams.

9. Avoid contact between pregnant and lactating women.

Packaging, storage and transportation

1, packaging has 250 mg/bottle, 20 kg/barrel, 200 kg/barrel and other types of packaging.

2, storage and transportation should be in a closed container, container material requirements: stainless steel, polyethylene, polypropylene.

3, storage temperature of 20 ℃ below, can not be mixed with acid or alkali storage.

4, to prevent direct sunlight, stored in a cool, dry, ventilated place, away from the source of fire, heat source, placed in children can't reach the place and lock.

5, can not be equated with seeds, fertilizers, beverages Sangtong.