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Overview of the risk of thiourea by Yinchuan thiourea manufacturers
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Thiourea is less toxic at one time, can be absorbed by the skin during repeated action, inhibits the function of thyroid and hematopoietic organs, and causes central nervous paralysis and reduced respiratory and cardiac function. The production of this product for more than 1-15 years of workers, there will be headache, drowsiness, general weakness, dry skin, bad breath, mouth pain, upper abdomen, constipation, frequent urination and other symptoms. Typical symptoms are pale complexion, facial swelling, abdominal distension, decreased basal metabolism, lower blood pressure, slowing pulse, and changes in electrocardiogram. Symptoms such as skin diseases can also occur. The LD50 of this product to the frog is 10g/kg, and the D50 of subcutaneous injection of the rat is 4g/kg. The amount of death to a person is recorded as 10g/kg. Workers who produce this product should wear anti-virus masks, wear protective clothing, pay attention to safety. Production equipment should be closed, no running, risking, dripping, leakage phenomenon.

YinchuanThiourea PlantOverview of the risk of thiourea in home

Health hazards: small toxicity at one time, repeated effects can inhibit the function of thyroid and hematopoietic organs. can cause allergic reactions. It can be absorbed by the skin. The dust of the product is irritating to the eye and upper respiratory tract, causing cough and chest discomfort after inhalation. Oral stimulation of the gastrointestinal tract. Chronic effects: headache, drowsiness, weakness, pallor, facial swelling, decreased basal metabolism, decreased blood pressure, slowing pulse, and reduced leukocyte in long-term exposure. Damage to the skin, the appearance of itchy skin, palm sweating, dermatitis, chapped and so on. Environmental hazards: harmful to the environment. Explosion Hazard: The product can be flammable, toxic and irritating.

First Aid measures

Skin Contact: Remove contaminated clothing and rinse the skin thoroughly with soapy water and water. Eye Contact: Lift the eyelids and rinse with flowing water or saline. Medical treatment. Inhalation: Quickly detach from the scene to fresh air. Keep the airways unobstructed. If breathing is difficult, give oxygen. If breathing stops, perform artificial respiration immediately. Medical treatment. Intake: Drink plenty of warm water and vomit. Medical treatment.