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Main influencing factors of the treatment of activated carbon specialty manufacturers
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  Activated Carbon professional ManufacturersMain influencing factors of treatment

For our life pie, it is often not enough to understand activated carbon, we must also know how to use activated carbon correctly. First open the packaging to remove activated carbon adsorption package, directly into our bookcase, shoe cabinets, kitchen cabinets, wardrobes and other cabinets, as well as desks, computers, sofas and other places where people often move, and other needs to purify the air in any position. The focus is that the place of placement must be the source of pollution and the place where people often move. The height of the placement space is within 180 cm.

After about 20 days of use, we have to burn activated carbon in the sun for 3-5 hours, which can be used repeatedly for 6-10 months. Keep in mind that this step is necessary because the pores in the activated carbon are also limited and will be saturated after a period of use, especially when a large number of water molecules occupy a larger space in the activated carbon. So be sure to burn regularly and let the water molecules in those activated carbon evaporate fully. Activated carbon Manufacturers

New house after the decoration of the immediate check-in users please be optimistic about this point, activated carbon physical adsorption principle is like the regulation principle of traditional Chinese medicine, the effect is still relatively slow, safe without side effects, continuous purification time is long. For new homes that are in urgent need of accommodation, we strongly recommend using them in conjunction with other forms of governance, such as the simultaneous use of plant decontamination: the placement of plants such as tiger tail orchid, hanging orchid, aloe vera, or the simultaneous use of pollution control products using plant extracts (such as herbal net aldehyde spirits).

Wooden activated carbon plant usually just renovated new house we will not immediately check in, so when using activated carbon should also pay attention to: first open the windows of the new house to make it as ventilated as possible, can also use fans to speed up the exchange of fresh air and indoor air, a certain amount of harmful gas into the outdoor, At the same time, the activated carbon adsorption package scattered in any position in the room. After a period of time, the indoor odor will gradually reduce, and then the activated carbon collected and concentrated placement, control the source of pollution, so that it continues to adsorb the release of harmful substances. When activated carbon is placed in the cabinet, the cabinet door must be closed and the window opened.

1, the nature of pollutants and the same kind of activated carbon for different pollutants adsorption capacity is very different. Because the molecular structure, solubility, polarity and concentration of pollutants in water are different, the adsorption capacity of activated carbon varies greatly.

2, the nature of activated carbon used in water treatment of activated carbon should be three requirements: high adsorption speed, large adsorption capacity, good mechanical strength. The adsorption speed of activated carbon is mainly related to the particle size and pore distribution of activated carbon, and the water treatment activated carbon requires its transition hole developed, which is beneficial to the diffusion of adsorption quality (contaminants in water) to the fine hole, the smaller the particle size of activated The adsorption capacity of activated carbon is mainly related to the surface of activated carbon, in addition to other external conditions. The mechanical wear-resistant strength of activated carbon has a direct impact on the service life of activated carbon.

3, temperature because the adsorption process is an exothermic reaction, in the liquid phase adsorption heat adsorption is small, so the use of activated carbon treatment of water, the effect of temperature on adsorption is not very obvious.

4, the effect of multi-component pollutant coexistence in the application of adsorption method to treat water, usually the contaminants in the water is not a single, but a mixture of multicomponent pollutants. Therefore, when adsorption, they can be adsorbed together, play a role in promoting each other or interfering with each other. Under normal circumstances, the adsorption capacity of single component adsorption is higher than that of multi-component adsorption.

5, adsorption of operating conditions due to activated carbon liquid phase adsorption, outward diffusion (liquid membrane diffusion) of the speed of adsorption will have an impact, so the adsorption device type, contact time (water speed) and so on to the adsorption effect will have some different degrees of influence. Industrial Activated Carbon