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Introduction to strontium carbonate co-production
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Introduction to strontium carbonate co-production

1. Strontium sulfate (SrSO4) specific gravity 3.96, soluble point 1580 ℃, white powder, soluble in hot concentrated sulfuric acid, slightly soluble in water, dilute hydrochloric acid and dilute nitric acid. Strontium sulfate is the main chemical component of Tianqingshi minerals and is the raw material for the production of strontium carbonate, mainly used in pyrotechnics, ceramic industry and iron removal agent for caustic soda.

2.Strontium Carbonate(SrCO3) Gravity 3.7, melting point 1497 ℃. Strontium carbonate is a widely used strontium compound in the early 21st century, the glass used to absorb X-rays, is the production of color TV cathode ray tube and screen raw materials, but strontium carbonate purity requirements (Sr/BaCO3>98%). A lead removal agent for high purity zinc refining can be made in metallurgical industry.

3. Strontium nitrate SR (NO3) 2 specific gravity 2.986, melting point 570 ℃. Strontium nitrate is an oxidant that comes into contact with organic matter, rubbing, colliding, and fire can cause combustion and explosion, emitting dark flames. Therefore, strontium nitrate is mainly used in the manufacture of red fireworks and a variety of flares, flame cylinders, matches.

4. Strontium Chromate (SrCrO4) specific gravity 3.9. The addition of strontium chromate to the paint can form an anticorrosive layer that effectively protects the aluminum, especially the aircraft chassis and Hull. Therefore, strontium chromate is mainly used in the manufacture of anti-rust pigments.

5. Strontium ferric acid (SrFe12O18) has a high coercivity, good thermal resistance, resistance and chemical stability, can resist magnetism, so strontium iron can produce ceramic magnets, widely used in DC motors, speakers and electromagnet production.

6. Strontium titanate (SrTiO3) strontium titanate is a high-tech strontium ceramics that are used as substrates in some semiconductors and as photosensitive tablets in optics and piezoelectric electricity, as well as in the production of computer memory. Strontium oxide (SrO)