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50% single cyanamide aqueous solution mainly used as plant growth regulator and herbicide
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50%Single Cyanide AmineAqueous solution is mainly used as plant growth regulator and herbicide

Single cyanide use: used in the pharmaceutical industry as a raw material for the production of cytarabine hydrochloride, in the dye industry used in the production of intermediates 3-amino -5-hydroxyl -1,2,4-.

In addition, it is also used as raw material for organic synthesis and plastics, producing melamine, dicyanamide, methyl cyanamide and so on. 50% single cyanamide aqueous solution is mainly used as plant growth regulator and herbicide. It can effectively inhibit the activity of catalase in plants and accelerate the circulation of phosphoric acid (PPP) in plants, thus accelerating the formation of basic substances in plants and playing a role in regulating growth.

Field efficacy test shows that the grape, cherry can be adjusted to grow, increase production, in the grape germination before the 15~20d, uniform spray in the branches, so that the sprouts is uniform medicine, can germinate early 7~10d, for the initial flowering period, flowering period, coloring stage, maturity and so on have an early role. Uniform spray during cherry dormancy period, so that the sprouts is uniform, can break the dormancy, promote flower buds, early germination, early flowering, early ripening, has a significant increase in yield and improve the quality of varieties.

Cyanamide is a fine chemical substance, mainly used in pesticides, medicine and other aspects. Sometimes it is also used abroad as a deciduous agent and non-toxic deworming agent for fruit fruit trees. It can be seen that the use of amino cyanide is very wide, and to do a good job of self-protection.

Cyanamide has instability, irritation, but also corrosive, on the skin, respiratory tract, mucous membranes, inhalation or ingestion of the face instantaneous strong redness, headache, dizziness, breathing faster, tachycardia, low blood pressure, after exposure, symptoms lurk for 1-2 days. Staff, in the operation, should be in accordance with the requirements, wear overalls, during the period to avoid drinking water, eating, do a good job of self-protection, away from acid or acid fog and so on.

Cyanamide should be kept away from acid or acid fog; stored in glass containers and sealed, can not be used iron, steel, copper, brass containers, should be placed in a cool, ventilated place; no fireworks; the storage should use explosion-proof electronic devices. Operators should be good overalls, according to the requirements of the steps to work. And during the working period try not to drink water, diet, after work to shower and dressing. Store the clothes contaminated by poison separately and spare them after washing. Perform regular medical examinations every year to keep abreast of your physical condition.

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